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The GreaseBook Pumper Mesh is a FREE* directory for Contract Pumpers, Lease Operators, and 

Well Tenders alike!

The Pumper Mesh introduces Contract Pumpers to Oil & Gas Companies that have wells that need pumping!

Your information is secure and will not be shared. Be sure to take advantage of this now – 

we're not sure how long this offer is going to last!!

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"New Technology Development of the Year!"

"I've picked up 5 new wells from 2 different operators. More tightly grouped wells means shorter drive times for me, less wear and tear on my truck, and more money in my pocket (not to mention, more free time outside of work…) I really appreciate what you guys are doing, keep'em comin'!! Thank you!!”

Victor G., New Mexico

Contract Gauger / Pumper

Now, Oilfield Pumper Jobs Come Easy...

What if we told you landing new wells was a snap?

What if you could pick and choose your wells at will, letting go of wells that were off the beaten path in favor of those that were closer to home?

Well, as of now, it’s not a dream anymore.

Introducing the GreaseBook 'Pumper Mesh' – a directory for gaugers, pumpers, lease operators, and well tenders alike – designed to introduce YOU to companies operating in the Counties in which you pump.

Hang your shingle out. Get introduced to Oil and Gas Operating Companies. Get up to bat for more lease operator job opportunities. All through the Pumper Directory. All at no charge to you.

Why do this for the pumpers?

It’s just our way of saying “thanks” for being out on the front line of oil & gas.

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Part of getting you more wells comes in the form of building a tool in which oil companies can find you.

We’ve knocked that out with the GreaseBook Pumper Mesh.

But, if no one knows the directory exists, what good will it do you?

So, we asked ourselves, “how could we get our contract pumpers in front of as many oil companies as possible?

Right then, the postman entered our office carrying a sign sent straight from the heavens…

On top of that newly delivered stack of mail was sitting one of the most authoritative sources in Oil and Gas: a copy of E&P Magazine.

With more than 35,000 decision makers at oil and gas companies flipping through the pages of E&P each month, we couldn’t think of a better place to introduce YOU to the folks who have wells that need pumping.

That said, we tracked down Rhonda Duey (the editor of E&P Magazine) and told her what we had in mind… not an article about the GreaseBook app, but a story on how GreaseBook aims to introduce companies to the contract pumpers who are equipped with the app.

And guess what?

She liked the idea so much she featured the Pumper Directory in the pages of E&P Magazine in an article aptly entitled, “Operator: Unchained”!! ;-)

We’re super excited, because the more companies that know about the GreaseBook, the more opportunity it creates for you to find more oil and gas lease operator jobs.

Please accept this article as a token of our appreciation for allowing GreaseBook to sit shotgun on your daily route. Here's to getting YOU more more wells!

Our Oil Field Lease Operator Jobs Featured in E&P Magazine...

"GreaseBook aims to introduce every pumper, lease operator, gauger, and well tender that heeds our call to the independent oil & gas operators that have wells that need tending!!"

Greg Archbald | GreaseBook Founder

Oklahoma City, OK